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Enterprise grade messaging software

Reach global audiences instantly through our customizable messaging platform.

How you can use messaging solution for your business?

Our plug-and-play messaging solutions enable you to integrate with existing business systems within minutes and send personalized, scheduled, and multi-language messages to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on-time.


Features and benefits of A2P messaging platform

  • High Throughput
  • Dynamic Routing
  • On The Fly Session
  • Custom Throttling
  • Protocol Adapter
  • Adaptive routing

Quick Fact

A messaging architecture, designed to scale from 10,000 transactions to more than 25,000 transactions per second.

We have a team of experienced solution architect and engineers who can hand hold for any custom requirement.

Digital Trust

Improve Your Measure of Digital Trust with Verified Identities

We provides a full-service verified digital identity platform for your business needs, from verification, authentication to digital signatures.

Integrated Digital Identity Platform for Everyone

We helps companies build a trusted digital environment with a secure and seamless user experience.
Fully Automated Digital Identity Experience: Identity verification, authentication, and digital signature products use world-class technology and global security standards for your fully automated end-to-end digital identity experience.

End-to-End Digital Identity Journey

Verified and Authenticated Identities to Comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Support Anti Money Laundering (AML) Regulations


Omnichannel automation platform for APIs, service & marketing

Application software and APIs to automate and personalize every touchpoint with your customer across WhatsApp, Messenger, Google Business Messages, Instagram Direct.

Adopt new ways of reaching customers including WhatsApp, Instagram Direct or Google Maps — our omnichannel product offering is your one-stop shop.

Drive more revenue at lower costs

Reach every customer on their own preferred channel with dynamic, omnichannel campaigns, using channel-responsive templates.

Engage customers across the customer journey, support customers, send marketing campaigns, set up automated notifications, and more using WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business

Reach customers on the most popular messaging app
The fastest, most effective automatable communication platform for WhatsApp

Voice AI

Humanised Voice AI for Enterprises

Change the way you engage with customers, gather data and streamline your workflow.

Our Talkbots are deployed across multiple industries including telecommunication, banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, ecommerce, logistics and more. We help all our clients vastly improve their customer experience, lower cost and increase efficiency.

Talkbot Capabilities

Access Intelligent Customer Data Reports

Talkbots accurately recognize customer intent, tags, categorizes and keeps detailed logs of all their different interactions with individual customers.

This extensive depth of data allows you to identify high value customers, create a more comprehensive customer persona and easily uncover any gaps in customer experience.

Integrate with your existing systems effortlessly. Our flexible deployment allows us to integrate seamlessly to a wide selection contact center and customer relationship management platforms.

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Discuss your business needs with our experts and learn how our solution can simplify your customer’s digital life.

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